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      Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 and Networking Components
      Contents   Module  1:  Amazon Elastic Compute cloud(EC2) Module  2:  Networking Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) Module  3:  Amazon Simple storage service(S3). Module  4:
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      Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Services – S3 Bucket
      Module 3 Amazon Simple storage service(S3): Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as Amazon S3 is an online storage facility. It is cheap, fast and easy to setup. And since it’s a service
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      Using Amazon S3 with Nodejs Application
      What NodeJS Modules When you take the associated source code repo you’ll see it has a package.json file declaring “aws-sdk” as a dependency. This definition file makes setting up the project s
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      Amazon Relational Database Services and Load Balancing
      Module 4 Database Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) DB instances Security groups   A SQL database stores data in rows and columns. Rows contain all the information ab
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      AWS Autoscaling
      Getting Started with Auto Scaling Whenever you plan to use Auto Scaling, you must use certain building blocks to get started. This tutorial walks you through the process for setting up the basic infr
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      Setting UP a GoDaddy Domain Name with AWS Route 53
      Amazon Route 53 To start, log into the Route 53 dashboard in the AWS Console. As the landing page describes, your first step is to create a “hosted zone”. A hosted zone is a concept created by
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      Pointing Domain Name to AWS Elastic Load Balancing
      Amazon ELB is an auto scalable load balancer that sits in front of EC2 instances and distributes traffic between them. Client communicates with ELB not with EC2 instances directly. When you c
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      AWS Security Group
      Security Groups: AWS security groups (Firewall) are associated with EC2 instances and provide security at the protocol and port access level. Each security group working much the same way as a fire
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      Creating AMI Image from EC2 Instance
      AMI: Amazon Machine Image [AMI] is basically image or snapshot of complete machines. It is a backup image of your EC2 server or instance. With help of AMI, you can save or store complete ec2 instan
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      Move EC2 Instance to Another Region
      EC2 Instance to Another Region:   Sometimes, you just need to change the data center where you’re running your virtual machines. You could be doing this for disaster recovery reasons, net

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