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      Lesson 1 – Introduction to Javascript
      JavaScript Javascript is an easy-to-use programming language that can be embedded in the header of your web pages. It is a lightweight, interpreted,full-fledged programming language that, when app
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      Lesson 2 – Basics in Javascript
      Variable A JavaScript variable is simply a name of storage location. There are two types of variables in JavaScript : local variable and global variable. There are some rules while declaring a J
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      Lesson 3 – Javascript Objects
      Objects JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. Object are usually variables that are used internally in the object's methods, but can also be globally visible variables that are
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      Lesson 4 – Javascript Advanced
      Document Object Model The document object represents the whole html document. When html document is loaded in the browser, it becomes a document object. It is the root element that represents the
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      Day 1 – Javascript Quiz
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      Day 1 – Task
      Now your task is to create a js file named script.js, and include this js file in index.html which you already created. Make sure all of your code is arranged properly and cleanly. Your page must co
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      Lesson 1 – jQuery Introduction
      jQuery is a fast, small, cross-platform and feature-rich JavaScript library. It is designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation
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      Lesson 2 – jQuery Effects
      jQuery provides a trivially simple interface for doing various kind of amazing effects. jQuery methods allow us to quickly apply commonly used effects with a minimum configuration. The following tabl
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      Lesson 3 – jQuery HTML/CSS
      The following table lists all the methods used to manipulate the HTML and CSS. Method Description addClass() Adds one or more class names to selected elements
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      Lesson 4 – jQuery Events
      Events are often triggered by the user's interaction with the web page, such as when a link or button is clicked, text is entered into an input box or textarea, selection is made in a select box, key
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      Lesson 5 – jQuery DOM Traversing
      jQuery is a very powerful tool which provides a variety of DOM traversal methods to help us select elements in a document randomly as well as in sequential method. Most of the DOM Traversal Methods d
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      Lesson 6 – jQuery Form
      Method is used to create a JavaScript array of objects by serializing form values. It operates on a jQuery collection of forms and form controls. You can select one or more form elements such as <i
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      Day 2 – jQuery Quiz
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      Day 2 – Task
      Your page must contain the following: Scroll to the bottom of the page by clicking manual scroller icon. Blink any text using jQuery Change color of first word of all e
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      Lesson1 – jQuery Ajax
      Ajax stands for Asynchronous Javascript And Xml. Ajax is just a means of loading data from the server to the web browser without reloading the whole page. Basically, what Ajax does is make use
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      Lesson 2 – jQuery Plugins
      A plug-in is piece of code written in a standard JavaScript file. These files provide useful jQuery methods which can be used along with jQuery library methods. There are plenty of jQuery plug-in ava
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      Day 3 – Ajax Quiz
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      Day 3 – Task
      Your page must contain the following: Apply form validation for the form using any of the jQuery plugin Name, Email Id, Password should be mandatory. Check the name field contain only

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